Living with a Pandemic – The New Normal Part II

In my previous blog post, I wrote about winding up our extended visit to our family in Southern California, and what would turn into a pandemic. I continue below with our arrival back in France in February 2020. Preparing for our arrival back to France in February, Steve and I had arranged to stay overnight […]

Packing Up for the Move to Our Holiday Home in the South of France

I have been very busy helping Steve pack for our move to our holiday home in South of France. Let me tell you this was not an easy task as we had to sift and sort through many boxes of stuff from California as well as go through our stuff in England to decide what […]

Back in the South of France to Reserve Our Property – We Found a House!

We arrived at Carcassonne Airport, a small and convenient airport, only a twenty minute drive to our friends Muriel and Richard’s house. They were very generous in offering us their house for the week. They knew that we had been house hunting in the area, only about forty-five minutes from them. They are excited to […]