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Yes, I’m happy to say that Steve and I are back in Southern California with our kids, precious grandsons Isaac & Oliver and our friends.

Welcome Home Bubbie and Papa

We arrived home in time for Memorial Day weekend. Lots of American flags flying and red, white and blue decorations too. Trying to feel proud and patriotic during a time of turmoil and political upheaval in our country. I know that my relatives and friends in the England can relate to what I am saying and feeling at this moment in time.

Red White and Blue Shabbos

So we took a day or two to recuperate from the two days of travel from France to Los Angeles and then went right into our USA schedule with our family. There was making home made Challah with Papa for Shabbos, Isaac’s 6 year birthday dinner, Isaac’s preschool graduation, 4th of July pool party and barbecue, a visit with great-grandma, a visit to Monterey to visit Joshua and Lupe and grand-dogs Marvin and Saki and many days of playing and talking, telling stories and walks with Bubbie and Papa and watching Isaac and Oliver grow-up in front of our eyes.

Isaac & Oliver Making Challah with Papa
Isaac Making Challah for Shabbos
Oliver Making Challah for Shabbos
Bubbie’s Boys Steve Jonathan Joshua Isaac & Oliver
Isaac graduated Preschool
We Voted at the Local Elections
4th of July Pool Party Isaac and Daddy Swimming
Oliver enjoying the pool
Isaac making Pizza for Dinner
Oliver Tasting the Pizza as he makes it
The Best Sushi in Monterey Mr Kazu with Joshua Lupe Maxine and Steve
Papa having doggie time with Marvin & Saki in Monterey
Enjoying the Monterey Coastline It is Beautiful
Joshua & Lupe Love Living in Monterey California
Great Grandma with Isaac & Oliver
Ready for a Bike Ride
Ready for Shabbos
Now that’s a Challah Made by Papa, Isaac & Oliver

Saw this Sunflower on our Walk and reminded us of Ukraine. Let there be Peace soon….

Thinking about Ukraine Let there be Peace
Family Shopping in the Store again

4 thoughts on “We’re Back in the USA

  1. Max
    Wonderful family photos. Isaac and Oliver got so big. God bless you and your family. Glad you are having an amazing time.
    Luv you,

  2. Thank you for those lovely pics- such handsome happy families!
    Hope the weather is kinder there than here- it’s rather WARM! ( and no swimming pool!)
    It seems no time since you were in California, does it feel more like ‘ home’ now?
    How’s the virus doing there? I don’t follow news- it’s all a bit negative and scary .
    enjoy your beautiful family and stay well,
    Love to all, valerie xxx 🥰

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