Packing Up for the Move to Our Holiday Home in the South of France

I have been very busy helping Steve pack for our move to our holiday home in South of France. Let me tell you this was not an easy task as we had to sift and sort through many boxes of stuff from California as well as go through our stuff in England to decide what […]

An Invitation from The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Council of Christians and Jews was formed during some of the darkest days of the Second World War to help Christians and Jews build bridges through dialogue and friendship. Last year was the 70th Anniversary of the Council of Christians & Jews. A number of the CCJ Branches celebrated though various local events during […]

Sometimes You Don’t Have to Go Somewhere to Travel –It Comes to You…

My cousin Doreen arrived Thursday on the train from Brighton – thru London – then up to Lincoln to visit us for a few days. She and her husband Malcolm had visited us once before about two years ago. They had stayed in a nearby hotel.  This time Doreen came up on her own and […]

House Hunting, continued: A Visit to the Grounds of Chatsworth House

It’s another bank holiday weekend and Steve and I went to spend it at Brad and Maxine’s, my cousins who live in Apperknowle, a beautiful village not far from Sheffield, where my mom is from. I drove all the way there. It took an hour and fifteen minutes, only five minutes longer than usual, even […]