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It is amazing how a random act of kindness makes you feel, whether it is someone doing something for you, or you doing something for someone else.

I love it and look forward to times when an opportunity comes my way allowing me to do something for someone else.  I love the happiness that I feel inside knowing that I did something that helped someone or made the day a little better for that person. Something that had a positive impact on their day, or maybe even their life.

Well both have happened today. The weather forecast for today in Lincoln was rain – sunshine – rain (not so different from many days here in jolly ol’ England).  However the morning actually started off with a few clouds that the wind blew by and I was excited to see the sunshine come out instead of rain.  However, one must remember that when clouds are moving quickly, they can appear just as fast as they disappear. All of a sudden big black clouds blew in covering the entire sky.

Massive Black Clouds Moving In

Then the rain came as if the heavens had opened up.  Normally I can work around it and do any walking errands after the rain has passed.  However, I had a chiropractor appointment today in city centre and it is raining too hard, making it unsafe to walk down a steep hill to the office.

Normally I would have called a local taxi but instead decided to call my friend and neighbor, Terry, and ask him if he was able to drive me to my appointment.  Fortunately he was home today and said yes.  That really did make my day easier for me – an act of kindness on his part.  A short time later I went into the garage to throw the rubbish in the bin and saw a lady leaning up against the wall of the garage to escape the sudden pouring down of rain.  I asked her if she would like to wait in the lobby of the apartment building until the rain stopped. She said she was alright and that the rain would stop in a few minutes.  She was on her way to work just down the street.  The rain at this point did not look as if it were going to stop in a few minutes, so I quickly ran up to our apartment,  grabbed an umbrella, took it downstairs and gave it to her.  She took it and thanked me and said that she will drop it off tomorrow on her way to work.  She smiled at me and I felt so good knowing that I was able to make her day a little easier.

In our busy lives with such busy schedules is it easy to forget about the little things in life.  Sometimes we need a reminder to be aware of the gifts that random acts of kindness brings.

I hope that this little story brings a smile to your face and reminds you that there are many wonderful and caring people around us in the world and we should take the opportunity to do random acts of kindness every day.  It gives us faith in humanity.

Look for the opportunities – they will enrich your life.

After the Rain, the Sun Shines Once Again

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