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Just a quick and fun Blog to get me back into the writing mode again.

On our morning walk through our village today, I saw loads of snails crossing our path crawling along slowly on our walking trail. I also saw a number of small group of snails huddled together.

Huddled Together

Of course I stopped to look at them. Surprised at what I saw I stood over them in amazement and then snapped a few pictures.


I realized that they were hugging each other, squished up against each other very connected and then I realized what I was seeing was probably snails mating.

Very Connected
Looks Like Mating
Beautifully Connected

Nature is amazing and beautiful.

Even the Flowers were Hugging Each Other

One thought on “Snail Mating Season

  1. Some call it voyeurism….😄 did you collect some for the pot? They look very juicy 😛
    I watched hedgehogs trying to mate- after an hour of circling, I gave up!
    Stay awesome,
    Valerie xx

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