It’s Time to Take Out the Hot Water Bottle

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Hot water bottle, thermals, layered clothing, wool socks, boots, wool scarf, heavy jacket, and a brolly or two. These are all signs of winter approaching.

Autumn is moving into winter and the holiday season is almost here. We can feel the weather changing as the temperatures drop and become colder. We can see it in the changing of the colours of the landscape – the leaves turning colour on the trees as they fall to the ground. We can hear it as many more raindrops fall. The days are shorter and the nights are longer – for many of us that love the sunshine, this is a sign that winter is on its way and we need to begin to prepare for and to adjust to these changes. There doesn’t seem to be a transition period from one season to the other, they just seem to arrive. Well, that is what it seems like. But in reality, nature has a wonderful way of moving from summer to fall to winter and then back to spring, and nature’s timing is just right.


My Hot Water Bottle

Winter is almost here and it is time to take out the hot water bottle. Now being from California where the weather doesn’t really get cold enough to need or use one, I do not think that I have ever owned a hot water bottle or knew what it was for. However that all changed when we moved to England. When the winter arrived, it brought with it the coldest temperatures that I had ever experienced or lived in. When I mentioned to my friends that the cold just goes through you even with thermals, a blanket and the heat on, my dear friend Katherine introduced this wonderful source of warmth to me. She bought me my very own hot water bottle as a Chanukah present last year. She explained how to use it – boil some water in the kettle, pour it into the opening of the hot water bottle being careful not to over fill it, close the cap, put it into the cover and place it close to you to warm you up and keep you warm for hours. It took me a week or two to get around to actually using it but once I did, I thanked her and used it for the rest of the winter. I wouldn’t be without one now. In fact I would like to buy another decorative cover, one made of a different fabric and colours. It is my friend during the cold days and freezing nights of the English winter.

I have also learned about thermals. I did have a pair when we lived in California but I only wore them when we went on visits to Europe in the fall, and they were silk ones that the skiers wear, not like the heavier ones that I have bought here in England. I learned how to layer my clothing, and during the winter months I always have a coat, scarf and brolly (umbrella) with me.

I am enjoying experiencing each of the seasons since we’ve moved to England, let’s just hope that this winter isn’t as cold or snowy as last year.

Having Fun in Autumn

Enjoy the colder temperatures, the rain, and the snow as this season brings its own magical moments.

Happy Winter

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