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Jean is our neighbour and dear friend. We’ve been friends since we moved to Lincoln four years ago. She owns a flat in the same building that we live in. She has become part of our family.

The Birthday Girl

A few months ago Jean had to move into an assisted living home just a little over a mile away. Fortunately it is close enough that I can to walk to visit her. Even though she knows that it is better for her day-to-day life, she misses living in her flat. We also miss her living there too – it is just not the same, but we know that it is what’s best for her now as she is having trouble walking.

When she was living in her apartment, I would run upstairs to visit with her. Sometimes we arranged a time but as health issues arose, I would call her regularly to see if she was up to a visit. Most of the time she would say yes, as she looked forward to my visits. We would have a cup of tea. I would bring biscuits or a box of sweets and we would have the most interesting conversations. They were mostly about our families – hers in Canada and ours in California. We talked about what the doctors said and how she feels. But most of all we would finish with a story that would make both of us laugh, leaving us feeling light and happy.

Jean has had a few serious health issues and operations where it was touch and go for awhile and then she would bounce back and surprise all of us, including the doctors.

She is an amazing lady with a zest for life and we were so excited to attend her 90th Birthday Party on Sunday to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Party Room

It was held at the church that she has been active at for many years – just down the street from us. Father Collin and two nuns that she has known for years were there, as well as her family and friends to celebrate with her. There was plenty of delicious food and desserts, and of course gifts for the “Birthday Girl” to open later.

I offered to be the photographer and take the pictures to keep the memories of this day forever. A few of my favourites are included here. Please click on this link to view the whole album.

We wish Jean good health, happiness and joy in every day.

Happy 90th Birthday Jean – We love you…

Jean and Maxine

0 thoughts on “Jean Turns 90

  1. Such a beautiful elegant woman. I can only hope I look that good at 90 and to be surrounded by friends and family – what joy!

  2. Wishing you Jean a very Happy Birthday with plenty of good health and good friends all around you. Sincerely, Sheri from Eureka California

  3. Jean certainly does not look her age. The photographs that you took were lovely and caught the atmosphere of a great birthday party. xx

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