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They Made Me Wear It!

I LOVE celebrating Birthdays – especially mine. I have always felt that a birthday is an important day of the year. When everyone in our family lived close by, we always celebrated our birthdays together. But how do we do that now that Steve and I live in the South of France, and our sons, Jonathan & Joshua, live in Southern California? You see this year is a big birthday for both Steve and I – it is our 60th.

After a little creative thinking we decided that since we were spending the winter holidays in Southern California, that we would have a small birthday party for me, in December, in advance of my actual birthday, which is in February. That way I could celebrate with Jonathan & Liz, Joshua & Lupe and a small group of our best friends.

“The Girls”
Celebrating with Friends
Celebrating with Friends
“Girl Friends”and Steve
My Jonathan

Now back in France, we just celebrated my birthday with my dear friends in France.

Celebrating with Friends in France

We will be back in England in March, where we will be celebrating again. Instead of struggling with where, when and how to celebrate, we turned it into a world tour of Birthday Celebrations. World tours are not just for rock stars! We will repeat this 60th Birthday celebrations again for Steve. His birthday is in August and we will be back in Southern California in July (for the birth of our first grandchild!!). That’s when we will have an early birthday party with our family & friends. After that we are back in France to celebrate on his actual birthday and then in again in September when we are back in England. Are we having fun yet? You bet we are.

My Birthday Lunch with Steve – French Style

This saying really resonates with me:

You will never be completely at Home again

Because part of your Heart will always be elsewhere

That is the Price you Pay for

The Richness of Loving and Knowing People in more than one place.

I was so touched by all of the phone calls, emails, texts and Facebook birthday wishes and love that I received from my family and friends all over the world. I thank you for being part of my celebration. You are all very special to me and I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life.

An Extraordinary Chocolate Cake and Very Delicious!

6 thoughts on “A Big Birthday

  1. Maxine, can’t believe how well you are looking. You look amazing now! Looking forward to seeing you in March. Am off to Bratislava and Vienna next week with a friend! Didn’t know that it was a special birthday for you this year. You certainly celebrated. Can we talk about me coming to visit when I see you.

  2. I was there to celebrate your 60th which was pure fun and the chocolate cake was the BEST ever!
    Love you girl…Nyse

  3. Happy Birthday Maxine from your first clients in Pezenas last year, Helen and Tony from Australia……and best wishes to Steve for later on the year !

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