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My husband Steve introduced me to the French Word-A-Day blog by Kristin Espinasse about a year ago. He found it while searching on the internet for life in France. Both Steve and I love France and are planning to retire there in the next few years.

After reading a few of Kristin’s blog posts, Steve felt that Kristin and I had similar writing styles and that I would relate to her stories about living in France.  She is an American living in France just as I am living in England. I immediately fell in love with French Word-A-Day. I relate to it, enjoy reading it and I just love it! I have made comments on her blog and she and her mom have  made comments on my blog and we have emailed each other over this past year planning to meet one day soon on one of our visits to Provence.

Knowing all of this you will be able to appreciate what comes next. I mentioned that we are from Orange County, Southern California, USA. Well it just so happened that her husband Jean Marc aka Chief Grape, a wine maker, was doing a tour of wine tastings around the United States. One of the places he had chosen was in Orange County. But before you get too excited, remember we live in England, and were disappointed that we would have to miss meeting him.

Due to my parents declining health I had to take an emergency flight home to take care of things there. My husband Steve ended up having a business trip to Utah though Los Angeles, staying in Orange County for a few days so we flew in together.  It just so happened that  it was the week of Chief Grape’s wine tasting event in OC.

Jean Marc and Maxine, ready to sample Rouge-Bleu

I have to find the positive in every situation and this is it – we were both able to attend the wine tasting and meet Chief Grape and others who follow Kristin’s blog. In fact we were asked by a few ladies if we were the couple visiting from England (they knew us from our comments on French Word-A-Day).  We made new friends and had a wonderful conversation with Jean Marc, and had a very enjoyable evening.

Elaine and Maxine, with Kristin’s new book, Blossoming in Provence

It was a night out that we really appreciated, considering the reason that we were back in Orange County.

This is what I call serendipities in life, on a more personal note “Maxine’s Magical Moments.” Oh yeah, we will be visiting Kristin & Jean Marc in May when we will be back in France doing more property shopping. You can visit Kristin and Jean Marc without leaving home. Visit French Word-A-Day to help me answer the question I am asked so often, “Why France?”

Now that’s service!

0 thoughts on “When Blogs Cross Paths

  1. Maxine,
    It was so nice to meet you at the wine tasting with Jean Marc & I look forward to meeting up with you again – hopefully in France. In the meantime, I’m enjoying your blog.


    WOW!!! WHAT A GREAT STORY. You look beautiful – I wish I could have been with you in California when you were with Jean-Marc….and then in Provence with Kristi. I am so excited about the thought of you moving to France, did you find any houses you liked and what villages are you focused on? I am so happy you are going to settle down in France. I loved your story about your Mom and Dad…you are an Angel.



    1. Hi Jules, So happy that you enjoyed my story. We are so excited about moving to France. We found a house! It is off plan and will be ready in two years. It is in Southwest France about 45 minutes from Montpelier. Look for more details in my Blog. My story about my Mom and Dad was the easiest and the most difficult for me to write. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I look forward to meeting you one day in France or maybe Southern California. All the Best to You, Maxine xx

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