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On Sunday we woke up to more beautiful weather – sunshine, warm bordering on hot temperatures and blue skies. We had not been out of Limassol since our arrival a week before, so we decided that a scenic drive was on the menu. We headed west out of town on the B6 road that winds along the sea at times at sea level, and at times climbing onto cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. The B6 reminds me of Highway 1 in California that also winds along the ocean.  The road led us through many of the small villages along the way which gave us a flavour of the area as well as the culture and way of life. We stopped along the way to visit some of the archaeological sites and take photos of the breathtaking views of the rocky landscape against the sun shimmering on the Mediterranean Sea.

The views and fresh air at one of our stops created a bit of an appetite. As we walked back to the car we passed a painted sign advertising a restaurant with a panoramic view. Although it had a slightly touristy ring to it, we decided to give it a go. After all, is was good advertising. We were what felt like in the middle of nowhere and here was an ad for a what turned out to be a well known restaurant, just down the road, around the bend, and up, up up…

It Was a Good Sign

We got back on the road and turned in where the restaurant sign was and followed it all the way up to the top of a small mountain. It is called Petra tou Romiou, known for its fresh fish and incredible location.

We entered the restaurant which is shaped like a circular aquarium (with us on the inside!) with glass windows all around facing out towards the Mediterranean Sea – what a beautiful view. They took us to our table that looked out at two massive rocks in the water that have some symbolic meaning from a story in Greek Mythology. It was the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite.

The View from Our Table

When they say catch of the day that is exactly what they mean. We went to a display case filled with ice, topped with the fresh fish that had been caught that day.

It Doesn't Get Fresher than This

We were to hand pick the one that we wanted. The waiter lifted up a wonderful looking fish and suggested it  for us to share.

Catch of the Day

The fish called white bream, or A∑ПPOBΛΑΧΟ∑, looked good to us. Then he weighed it and took it away to clean and prepare it. It was cooked to perfection and served to us beautifully presentated surrounded by specially cooked potatoes and mixed vegetables including cooked cabbage. The bread was fresh out of the oven and the butter glided on melting into every layer and pore of the bread.

I asked our waiters, Andros, Yorgos and Andros if I could go around the restaurant and take a few pictures of the different views. They were so excited that we loved the place that much that they said of course and even posed for a few pictures.  We also met the chef and the owner Marios.

Andros, Yorgos and Andros

To complement our delicious meal we were served  a Cypriot dessert – a candied pear surrounded by fresh slices of melon and watermelon. It was a new sensation for our taste buds and a wonderful dining experience. It was now time to say good bye to our new friends and head back to Limassol so Steve could get ready to leave for work.

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