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Steve ‘s work has brought us to Cyprus.

About six weeks ago Steve came home from work and said that they asked him if he would  go to Cyprus in mid-June for a three week rotation.  He waited to see what my reaction would be to this news as he knows that we had agreed that if he has to go to another country for work for more than a week that I would go home to Southern California to visit my family.  He then told me that his boss suggested that he take me with him; I just had to pay my own way. Fair enough.  Needless to say my reaction was of excitement as this was a country that we had not visited yet.  I realized that this meant that I would not be able to fit in a summer trip back home to visit my family. I was a bit torn about this but decided to go with Steve on his business trip to Cyprus.  So Steve & I are planning to spend the holidays with our family in December.

It's Father's Day!

It’s Sunday June 19th – Father’s Day and we are leaving Lincoln for Heathrow, London for our flight to Larnaca, Cyprus.  It is 5 o’clock in the morning. I would have said that we left “at the crack of dawn,” but it has been light outside for some time as daylight appears quite early this time of year in the north.  We arrived at Heathrow Avis to turn in the rental car we had for the drive down. I was ready to get onto the Avis bus to the terminal when I hear a voice say to me, “Hi sweetheart” only to look up and see our friend Jeff who had just arrived from the USA to fill in for Steve while we are in Cyprus – now what are the chances of that happening?  It is all in the timing. So after a quick hello and a hug we were on our way to the plane.

It was a pleasant flight.  You know what they say about airplane food – well we happened to have a delicious lunch – our first taste of Greek food.  We arrived in Larnaca and drove to Limassol where we are staying.  Having the road signs in Greek took some getting used to.  Even the English translations can be challenging.  Limassol is also known as Lemesos, which is closer to the Greek spelling.

The Hotel Pool and Mediterranean Sea

Our hotel is on the beach and our room is overlooking the ocean.  This is my idea of paradise – sunshine, the beach, the pool, and warm weather.  The hot temperature and the humidity hits you when you first arrive, but I am sure that after a few days we will begin to get acclimated.  I will let you know.

View from the Balcony

I have unpacked our suitcases and we are now settled in our room. Our laptop computers are set up on internet and our mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are charging.  We have set a personal record for the number of mobile phones with us on a trip – six!  Steve’s blackberry to keep in touch with work in the USA, Steve’s UK mobile work phone, Steve’s UK mobile personal phone, and my UK mobile.  We also brought two spare mobiles that we plan on getting Cypriot SIM cards for, so that we can talk to each other cheaply while Steve is at work.  The hotel is being refurbished and our room has just been completed. One of the thoughtful touches they’ve added is to install about seven electrical sockets in the room.  We’re using every single one of them!

Mission Control

It’s time to get a good night’s sleep after a long day of traveling so I will say good night, sweet dreams, and I will continue my story tomorrow.

Room with a View

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  1. Looks really lovely, Max. Seeing as I only get to go to Mallorca..its great reading your blogs of all these interesting places!

  2. I am so excited that you are enjoying traveling with us through My Blog.
    Just remember that you have an open invitation to come with us anytime!

  3. Looks like you are having a great time in Limassol. It looks like you are staying at the Crown Plaza! Make sure you visit the out door museum on 1A coast hwy on the way to Prestio (sp?)

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