Spring is in the Air – Spring is Here!

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SpringSpring is in the air – Spring is here.  Not only am I very happy and excited to see Spring appear, so are many other people in Lincoln as well as all over England and the UK.  All of us are ready to see the sunshine and feel the warm weather finally show their faces again after a very long and bitter cold winter.  Being from Southern California and living there since I was four years old – basically my whole life – I have not really experienced the four seasons as in other places in and out of the USA. So as rough as this past winter was in Lincoln, England, it gives me a true appreciation for each of the seasons and the beauty and uniqueness it brings. The many changes in nature brings an understanding of the ebb and flow of time. It allows us to enjoy the cycles of life. Beginning with Spring – the coming to life of the trees and flowers blooming and blossoming all around us. The farms filled with a rainbow of colors as if nature is waking up right in front of our eyes.

Gardening – I love working in my garden. It brings me closer to nature. Some call me “Mother  Earth” as it makes me feel so happy when I am cleaning out the planters and planting new flowers. I water the plants and flowers and talk to them and encourage them to grow big and strong and show off their natural beauty for all of us to enjoy.

Smiling Faces in the Garden

Everyone seems to be in a happy mood and feeling happier and lighter. Like many people that I have met, I too need the light and warmth of the sunshine as it gives me a positive energy that gets me “High On Life.” Everything takes on a special beauty and looks so beautiful in the light of the sun.

The Colours of Life

Spring is here. Time to invite a few friends over for a BBQ and enjoy being outdoors.

Food's Almost Ready

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