House Hunting in Kent – Our Visit to Leeds Castle

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There’s no place like home

This is definitely someplace that we could live. In a castle in Kent.

Steve and I had some business to do in London and decided to make a long weekend out of it, so I got online, did a little research using our own criteria and *bingo* I found Maidstone, Kent.  This also gave us the opportunity to visit Canterbury.

The grounds are beautiful. I said to Steve, “look at how beautiful nature is in its natural state” as he was quick to reply “Oh yes, nature that is meticulously kept by gardeners.” We both laughed.

There are a variety of birds that roam freely around the grounds. It was obvious that they are used to people and they stood still long enough for us to take incredible pictures of them as well as watch them communicate with each other.

The very welcomed  warm weather and sunshine always seems to make everything look beautiful. That is coming from a Southern California Girl.

The Queen’s Bathroom

The castle was amazing.  It looks big from afar but as you walk up to it you realize that it has more of a homey feeling to it.  I especially loved the Queen’s Bathroom, it was a large room and in it was a stand alone wooden tub (used as the bath tub) with a sheer curtain part way around it, a fireplace, wooden floors and a beautiful window letting in the natural light. The funny thing was that there were a few wooden buckets next to the tub that were used to fill the tub with water after it had been warmed up on the fire (from the fire place) to fill up the bathtub.

So here you have this big fancy castle with a King and Queen living in it with no running water or electricity.

As we headed back through the grounds to the car park we had some more time with the peacocks, ducks and many birds along the way.

We left the grounds with countless (250, if you must know) wonderful pictures that I took to capture the memories of that beautiful day.

Until we meet again

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  1. Oh what lovely pictures my dear and it sure looks like you and Steve had a wonderful time. Keep the blogs coming. It’s fun to follow you…

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