Exploring My English Roots – The Path to My British Citizenship

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When Steve and I moved to England in June 2008, we were to be here on a two-year contract from his company. I had the luxury of not having to work during those two years (although I did work for three months on a temporary contract), so I decided that I would take advantage of my time here by immersing myself in the English culture, exploring my English roots (my mom was born in England but has been an American citizen for over fifty years now – she is in her eighties and only considers California her home) and giving back to the Lincoln community by volunteering for a variety of organizations:

  • The Lincoln Cathedral – steward in the Wren Library and for special events
  • The Lincolnshire Jewish Community
  • The Lincoln Chapter of the CCJ – Council of Christians and Jews
  • The Lincoln Interfaith Forum
  • The Mayor and Sheriff of Lincoln – Various Fundraising Events
  • Bishop Grosseteste – 150th Anniversary Fundraising Committee

It all began with driving lessons in order to pass my driving test – I did!  I received my UK Driving License October 2010.

Then going through the process to pursue my British Citizenship – I did! I received my British Citizenship at a formal ceremony in Lincoln January 6, 2011.

One very proud brand-new British citizen

I am serious about my responsibilities and rights as a British Citizen – I registered to vote. I will be voting in the next election.

And the icing on the citizenship cake – a British Passport. I filled in the forms, paid the fee, and had an in-person interview (which I had to do since it was my first time applying for a British Passport) and I am very excited to say that I received my British Passport Thursday, May 19, 2011.It was hand delivered to me and I had to sign for it.

So I am “Official” in every sense of the word.

Having dual citizenship has opened up the world to me (and Steve), especially within the European Union (EU).

0 thoughts on “Exploring My English Roots – The Path to My British Citizenship

  1. Welcome to the ‘family’ Maxine! No longer a cousin from across the pond but a fully fledged member.

    What part of the UK did your mother come from?

  2. More big steps for marvelous Max. I’m proud of you my Socal friend and passport carrying British citizen. Congrats on all your successes!

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