My Dad’s Birthday – Christmas Day

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Sorry for the gap in writing. I had planned on keeping all of you up to date on our trip to Southern California, however once we arrived at my parents’ house, I saw my mom and how her condition had declined so much over the past six weeks, that I knew I would need to be focused on her.

On my dad’s birthday – Christmas Day – my mom took a turn for the worse. We had to make an urgent call to the hospice nurse. My mom was not able to respond to any of us. My dad cried and said that this was the first birthday that my mom was not able to celebrate with him, as she was no longer able to get out of bed.


It is now December 31st  and as we get ready to bring in the New Year my mom is preparing to leave us. My mom is transitioning and the hospice nurse is here with us explaining the changes that are taking place as my mom reaches the end of the process, which the nurse says may be imminent.

Our family is surrounding her with love as she enters the next step of her journey.

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  1. Maxine so sorry .I had guessed as much as hadn’t heard. Thinking of you love and I know you will be strong. It has been so rough on you and I know you are due home here next Friday. Keep me posted if you can.

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