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It has been just over three weeks since my MOM passed away.

It still feels so surreal ~ even though I have been back and forth from England to Southern California every three months for 3-4 weeks for the past two years. I have spent an enormous amount of quality time with her and have been by her side through her journey.

Our Special Bond Began at Birth
My Mom & Me
Always With My Mom

These are the words that I wrote describing my mom.  I shared them at her funeral:

My Mom ~ Pamela Pinchut

Known to her family in England as “Little Pam”

Everyone knew Pam and Everyone Loved Pam ~ You couldn’t help but love her

My Mom was an Amazing Little Lady with such a Zest for Life

Her family was everything to her ~ my dad, my sister & I, and of course her grandchildren

Her Family Was Everything to Her

She had such a positive energy that everyone wanted to be around her

She was a connector ~ She introduced Steve & I 34 years ago

She was the Life of the Party ~ Her Vibrant Smile was contagious

She was free-spirited ~ She would say not to take things too seriously yet she was a professional worrier when it came to her family

When she walked into the room she had a presence that turned heads

She loved to laugh and make others laugh ~ She was the best joke teller

She played the piano not knowing how to read a note of music and had an operatic voice up until her last breath

She was a great friend ~ She was always there to help others

She loved to feed everyone and cooked enough to feed an army

She always had enough love for everyone that came into her life

She lived a Full Life ~ She didn’t miss a beat

My Mom and I had a very blessed & magical mother daughter connection

Happy Times With My Mom
Celebrating at Jonathan & Liz’s Wedding
I Was By Her Side Throughout Her Journey

She was the best mom in the world and she will be greatly missed ~ but her spirit, her love and her memories will live on in each of us Forever…

Rest in Peace Mom ~ I Love You.

My Mom Waving Goodbye – Bye Mom, Love You

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  1. Hi Maxine

    Richard and I very much enjoyed your blog and the wonderful tribute to your mum. You have a lovely record of your mum’s life in photographs – I particularly like the last photograph of her with the suitcases waving goodbye. You have made me realise that I need to take more family photographs!

    I hope you and Steve are well, and everyone is well at the Apartments in Greetwell Gate.

    Best wishes


  2. So beautiful, Maxine–my heart is with you–the love you had with her was so special, and I know she is in a better place, looking down on you with pride and love.

    Thank you for my birthday wishes.. Miss you!



  3. I love your tribute to your Mom! Beautiful words and beautiful pictures! Her memory will live on through you and all her family. May her soul have an aliyah and may her memory always be for a blessing. Xo

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