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To all of you that have been following my Cancer Journey, I am so grateful, thankful and happy to say that two-thirds of my chemotherapy regime is behind me.

I also have great news – the weekly blood test results and recent CT scan have shown that the chemotherapy is working!! It is killing the cancer cells and preventing new ones from forming!! I knew in my heart and soul that my body would be totally responsive to the chemotherapy and that it would do its job.

This really helps me to “Keep My Eye on the Goal” – to be back to my healthy self so that I can get on an airplane and fly back to Southern California to my kids and grandson Isaac, and for the birth of our second grandbaby, due in November. This is what keeps me going!!

I also want to be back to my healthy self to enjoy our wonderful life here in the South of France.

All of you have and continue to play an important part in my healing process. Whether it is through a text, an email, a card, a phone call, or a visit, by sending me positive healing energy, positive thoughts, love, keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, lighting candles and saying special healing prayers for me, I want you to know that it really works. I can feel it from all of you. It is if you are standing with your arms around each other surrounding me with this incredible energy and love that heals and protects me. It contributes to my feeling Healthy, Strong and Positive through this trying time.

Although you will not hear me complain, it has not been a picnic. After each chemotherapy treatment, my skin is ultra-sensitive to hot, cold and touch, I’ve battled nausea, I can become emotional easily – happy tears – thankful and grateful for everything, small and large things, and sad tears – missing my kids and grandson Isaac, wanting to be done with the chemotherapy and all of these things that it does to my body and mind, and yet thankful that it is working. About a week after each treatment I can feel the effects of the drugs subsiding, leaving me to be my usual happy self.

During my “good weeks” friends that I have been able to see in person are familiar with my “Hugs, Not Kisses” policy. Because one of the effects of chemotherapy makes me more susceptible to germs, I have to “screen” my guests to be sure they are not suffering from coughs, colds or worse!

I still have two more chemotherapy treatments to go – July and August. It is comforting to think that more than half of the tough times are in the rear-view mirror, and all the good things in life are in front of me, thanks to my family, friends and you, my faithful readers.

11 thoughts on “Hugs, Not Kisses

  1. Delighted to hear your fantastic news! It’s made us very happy too! I bet it’s made other people (possibly including people about to start chemo themselves) feel uplifted too.

    Thank you for sharing the good news!

    Hugs (virtual hugs can’t be threatening, can they?) from both of us 🤗

    Richard and Gill

    PS I told Honey the good news and got a stretch and a purr response, so she’s happy for you too.

  2. It was lovely to read your blog and hear that your health is slowly getting better day by day. I know that you and Steve will be eager to get back to sunny Southern California to see the family and I bet Issac is missing both of you too!

  3. Hugs and yes Kisses from afar! Life can be challenging but so blessed with good family and friends! God bless you

  4. Great news, Maxine! I know first-hand how tough chemo can be, but also know how important it is. Attitude makes a huge difference, & yours is amazing. Sending you big (virtual) hugs.

  5. Glad to hear going well and you are tolerating it…..Maxine the time will soon pass and you will be able to see kids and grandkids again. Thinking of you Lots of Love Doreen

  6. The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.
    Love from Marcel and Roselyne

  7. You are simply inspirational, Maxine. And so is your writing. Very much love to you and Steve. xxx Sue and Warwick

  8. Maxine
    I just read your blog and didn’t know you were fighting Cancer. I pray you will make a great recovery. xoxo Chuck Dobovsky

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