A visit to Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve

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Waking up to sunshine is a welcome sight here in jolly old England. Being a Bank Holiday (long weekend), this gives Steve Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, so I suggested that we do a few day trips and explore some places that we have not been to.

That's me at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve

Even though the wind was blowing vigorously, I went out onto the beach area to collect shells and rocks and take in the beautiful scenery of the coastal grazing marsh. I met a warden on the beach and began to talk with him and told him that this was our first time visiting the National Reserve and the surrounding area. His passion for his job and hearing our American accent  got him talking about his various visits to the United States to study at other nature reserves, especially one in Northern California.  I mentioned to him how I love to collect shells and rocks but that I had left my plastic bag in the car. He quickly turned around and went to his rucksack (backpack) and came back with a small plastic bag and handed it to me. I thanked him and began collecting shells and rocks as Steve began taking pictures of the all of the marine life swept up by the waves at low tide.  It is a haven for birds and bird watchers.

With my bag full of shells and rocks, and the camera full of pictures to capture our day, we headed back to the car and drove off to Skegness city centre to get a bite to eat. Of course we had fish & chips and a hot cup of tea.

This isn't where we ate, but it makes a better photo

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