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Let’s see where do I begin?

This blog post is a long time coming as I have not written a blog in many months, for good reasons, as you shall see.

When Steve and I moved to South of France almost 4 years ago, after living in England for almost 7 years, I told Steve that once our kids starting having children – our grandchildren – that we will need to be going home to Southern California more often. I would not want to miss watching our grandson Isaac growing up.

“Bubbie’s Boy” Isaac my Precious Grandson 

I have looked forward to having children and grandchildren since I was a little girl myself.

Bubbie and Isaac “Inseparable”

Wanting to keep Steve happy by living in South of France 7 or 8 months out of the year, and keeping myself, my kids and grandson happy too, by seeing them more often,

Uncle Joshua and Isaac – Ready to Go Play 

we finally came to an agreement. We decided to fly home more often and stay for fewer weeks at a time. This meant that we fly home every three months for four to five weeks at a time. This travel plan has worked well for the whole family since Isaac was born – June 18, 2016.­­­­

We have been home 5 times and this past time was for 2-1/2 months. It included all of the holidays in December,

Our Family Celebration of Chanukah and Shabbat
Bubbie, Isaac and Papa
Liz, Isaac and Jonathan  – Intrigued by the Candles
Happy Chanukah – Isaac’s Menorah and New Trucks
Celebrating the Holidays with Lupe’s Family

a three week visit to New Zealand in January 1-22 2018, then back to Southern California for our younger son’s wedding February 2, 2018,

tomashefsky -0245
Steve and Maxine With the Happy Couple – Joshua and Lupe
tomashefsky -0246
Jonathan, Lupe, Joshua, Liz and Isaac
tomashefsky -0235
Our Family Wedding Celebration 
Isaac With His Papa

celebrating Jonathan’s birthday and my birthday together,

Jonathan and My Birthday Celebration 
Isaac With Bubbie on Her Birthday
Isaac Helping Bubbie Open Her Presents
Look What I Got – A Jonathan Painting – I Love It

and Valentine’s Day before heading back to France mid-February.

Even though the trip from Paris to Los Angeles consists of a lot of travel, including a short flight from Montpellier to Paris to catch our non-stop flight to Los Angeles, we have enjoyed each trip and I have been able to keep up with the busy travel schedule.

However this past December 2017 to February 2018 trip was a little different. I had been having a few health issues over the past 6 months and I was not feeling 100% myself. I had a cough and cold a few times during those 6 months and my breathing wasn’t feeling normal. I could take deep breaths but had labored breathing if I walked too far or did uphill walking.

I noticed my stamina for physical activities wasn’t where it should be. I had been to my GP doctor in France a few times and she checked my lungs, heart and breathing, and nothing showed up at the time. So we decided to continue with our plans to go home for 2-1/2 months to be with our kids and grandson Isaac.

It was the best decision that we could have made.  We had total quality time with all of them.

My Girls – Liz and Lupe – Shabbat Shalom

We also spent time with Liz’s parents and family and Lupe’s parents and family. We had time with many of our friends, too. I was able to keep up with Isaac, playing with him all day and chasing after him in the garden, taking him to Gymboree

Isaac Playing at Gymboree

and to the park.

We Are at the Park with Jonathan and Isaac
Papa, Isaac and Jonathan Taking a Walk in the Park
Sunshine and Warm Weather in December – I Love S. California


As you see, we packed a lot into this visit.

We Wore Out the Kids on This Visit

Towards the last week before we were to leave to go back home to France, I began showing signs of low energy and labored breathing. I went to see my GP doctor in Diamond Bar 2 days before leaving for France. He took a chest x-ray which showed that I had fluid in my right lung.

He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and a mask to wear on the plane. He said that it was safe for me to fly back to France, as long as I saw my doctor as soon as I returned.

I made the two flights back to France and saw my GP doctor a few days later. He said to come back after I finished the antibiotics for a recheck.

But my health took a sudden turn and I ended up in the emergency room a few days later. After a few tests they checked me into the hospital and the rest is history. They did many tests and the pulmonary doctor did a procedure to remove the fluid from my lung. He removed 1.4 liters of fluid – a lot of fluid that I was carrying around.

I thank God for giving me the strength and energy to enjoy those 2-1/2 months of quality time with our family and friends, it is priceless!!

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “A Long and Winding Road

  1. Gosh Maxine….. you sure have been through it but now you’re having treatment and onward and upward. Can’t get used to seeing the new slimline and very glamorous you! Suits you. Thinking of you! How Isaac has changed….adorable!! Cousin Doreen

  2. Lovely post about your family and the time you spend with them! Yes. it’s a lot of travel, but it’s good for you and your kids. Hope you’ll soon be up for another trip! W – you know who I am 😉

  3. Maxine, Steve-

    Sounds like life is good for you and your family- glad to hear it.

    Cheryl and I now live in Ogden UT. Beautiful area, close to other beautiful places you’ve heard of- Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, much more. Definitely drivable from SoCal, or we could meet in the middle. Let’s try to get together next time you’re back in civilization.

    Chuck Marley
    (617) 893-4545
    5913 Spring Canyon Road
    Ogden, UT 84403

  4. Loved reading your story Maxine, you have a wonderful family, all very handsome/beautiful and Issac is absolutely no exception, he is going to break a lot of hearts. Robert and I have full sympathy with what you are going through now, however you are a very strong person and I know you will come through this bad episodes of your life much the stronger for it. Your little grandson needs you to get better quickly. Love and lots of good wishes, Dorothy xxx

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