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Joshua and Lupe
Joshua and Lupe

Steve and I went for dinner with Joshua and Lupe.  We went for authentic Mexican food since that is the one food that I miss from Southern California.

This gave Steve and I a chance to have special time with them. We had a great conversation as we had a lot of things to catch up on.

After finishing dinner we talked about getting some ice cream for dessert so we left the restaurant and continued walking down the street when we noticed an ice cream shop. It looked like a new place, and as it turns out it has only been opened for six months. It’s called Baby G’s Ice Cream Cookies and Cakes. The lady standing behind the counter asked us if we had been there before. Since it was new to us she proceeded to describe the different choices and options and tell us that all of the ingredients in the ice cream are natural (except for the blue ice cream). She hand-makes all of the cookies for the ice cream sandwiches and the brownies as well. Even the waffles for the waffle cones are made fresh to order.

Creating My Waffle Cone
Creating My Waffle Cone

Lupe ordered a brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top, and I ordered a waffle cone (I watched her make it) with a scoop of chocolate ice cream that tasted simply amazing.

As it turned out, the person behind the counter was the owner, Georgette. She told us the story of how they started the business It is a family business that she runs with her two sons. I was so excited to hear her business ethos – natural fresh ingredients, family run in a community atmosphere (Hermosa Beach – within walking distance from Joshua’s apartment) that I told her that I would like to write a story in my Blog about her and her business. She was so grateful and thanked me for wanting to help her tell people about the business. We traded business cards, hugged her and said good bye and look forward to seeing her again soon.

Maxine and Georgette at Baby G's
Maxine and Georgette at Baby G’s

Funny how we connect with some people within a few minutes of meeting them and touch their lives in a special way as they do ours. I am such a “People Person” and I love meeting and connecting with new people. I Love People!

Steve and Joshua were sitting at a table watching all of this. As we left, Steve said, “Another one of Max’s Magical Moments.”

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