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There are a couple of new entrepreneurs in town – Los Angeles – Jonathan and Adam!

Jonathan (my son) and Adam have been friends since high school. After years of almost daily bike rides together, they’ve combined Jonathan’s artistic abilities and Adam’s management and operations experience with their passion for cycling to create Good Lane, a company that specializes in high quality cycling accessories like caps, water bottles (bidons) and jerseys, designed by Jonathan and made in the USA.

Adam and Jonathan
Adam and Jonathan
Cycling Around LA
Cycling Around LA

Steve and I are very proud of Jonathan and Adam and support them in their new endeavor.

Click here to hear their story and why they started Good Lane.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Good Lane

  1. Hi Maxine, I wish Jonathan and Adam a big Mazal Tov on their venture together. They look a couple of handsome young men and I am sure they will do terrific in their business.
    Hoping that you are settling well in France. Take care – all the best Elaine xx

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