Hope You Didn’t “Mind the Gap” in My Blog Writing

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Sorry for the gap in my blog writing and thanks to all of you that emailed me messages that you missed my stories. You encourage and inspire me to write.

I was in Southern California for five weeks over the holidays visiting our family and friends and taking care of my parents – both not well –  so my responsibilities with them were very demanding. Steve came over to join me for three weeks giving us real quality time with our sons Jonathan and Joshua and our daughter in law Liz and her family. We drove to Arizona to visit Steve’s parents and even squeezed in some time to visit with a few dear friends. We celebrated Chanukah and New Year’s Eve  and my Dad’s 80th birthday on December 25th by giving him a family party.

Me & the boys

So you can see why it has taken me a bit longer than usual to recuperate from that visit

Now that I have had time to get my thoughts together I will be back to writing. More about my trip soon…

0 thoughts on “Hope You Didn’t “Mind the Gap” in My Blog Writing

  1. Glad that you are back Maxine and I did miss you!
    Sending as much positive energy as possible to your parents for their health.
    I know how hard it is to see them age.
    Best to you and Steve!

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