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We are back in Southern California again to be with our kids and grandson Isaac, as well as our friends, for the holidays. The holidays will be so very special this year as we celebrate Isaac’s “First” holidays.

It is just a week ago that Steve & I left France and arrived in Los Angeles, California – our USA Home.  Our son Joshua picked us up at the airport and brought us back to his house – which is our home when we visit.


A short time later Jonathan, Liz and Isaac met us at Joshua’s house and spent the afternoon and evening with us. Our precious grandson Isaac recognized us right away as soon as they brought him into the house and he began smiling and laughing and trying to talk by cooing with us.


Liz handed him to me and he came right to me for lots of hugs and kisses. Then onto Papa for some attention.


It was the best welcome home present we could ever ask for.

As Jonathan said, “All is right with the world now that our family is all together again.” I feel the same way.


I am so looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our whole family tomorrow. This will be Isaac’s “First” Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned for all of the details in my next blog.

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

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