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WOW – It is December and we are at the beach here in Southern California!

The Hermosa Beach Pier

Steve and I are at Hermosa Beach walking on the pier enjoying watching the waves roll up against the sand and taking pictures of the many seagulls flying around us. The sun is shining, it is warm with a windy breeze.

A Seagull Flying Into the Breeze

It is rare but there are only a few people on the pier and the beach today which makes it so nice and relaxing. Part of that is due to the windy breeze and the other is that many people are at work. That is what being retired is – going places when everyone else is at work.

Not Camera Shy

Although in the “City” – Los Angeles with millions of people and cars, that doesn’t always hold true, places and streets and freeways are still crowded and full. But today we are lucky and we have the pier and the beach to ourselves at least for a few hours.

Putting Up the Hermosa Beach Christmas Tree

We stopped to watch city workers put up the community Christmas tree at the top of the pier. They will also put up a large Chanukah menorah  just across from the tree.

Seagulls Watching Us Eat Lunch

I packed a lunch for us to eat on one of the benches on the pier allowing us to take in the sunshine, the beach life and to watch the waves roll in and out against the sand.

Watching the Waves Roll In

We are enjoying the warm weather 22ºC / 73°F. Due to the breezy wind advisory, there were no surfers out today and we saw the airplanes flying a different course out of LAX airport. The air was so clean that it made me feel light headed and happy. I love the beach and the weather in Southern California in December.

The Surf Crashes into the Beach

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