Another Beautiful Day in Lincoln

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The weather started off with early morning overcast and a bit chilly, however by the afternoon it became warm and sunny.  Beautiful does not always refer to the weather – even though the English are obsessed with the weather. After living in England for almost three years, I have a real understanding of why they are so focused on the weather.

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding. Of course the first thing that everybody is focused on is “The Weather.” A close second is all of the preparation – the food, the guests, wedding dress, carriages, the route, everything timed to the second.

And the big question remains, “What is the weather going to be for the wedding?”

We have waited months for the big day and it has finally arrived. We will all be glued to the television for hours tomorrow not to miss a minute of this very big day.

We just returned from Southern California where we celebrated our son Jonathan and Elizabeth’s wedding – our “American Royal Wedding.”  February 26th 2011.

In Southern California we do not really have weather. You can count on many days of sunshine each year, so the chances of it raining during this time of the year is minimal. Having said that, the weather forecast for the day of the wedding was rain – “Oh no,” everybody said. I assured them that we were going to have sunshine, not rain for the wedding – an important detail since the wedding was outdoors. Needless to say it did rain – in fact it poured and the wind blew the entire night before the wedding. I said, “Good let it get it out of it’s system.” Sure enough, we woke up to sunshine, blue skies,  picture perfect weather for a picture perfect wedding day.

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